Styling 101 with ChristinaKennedyStyles

Some of you may have noticed that I have yet to put any pictures of my personal style up on the blog. Originally, I wanted to stay away from making it about my style but then I realized it would be nice to showcase my style and my inspirations behind my outfits. (So the heck with my original plan; 2014 is a new year!)

Note: These pics were taken a few years ago before I even had this blog up or even realized I wanted to be a personal stylist. I still knew how to put pieces together but I didn’t know enough about accessorizing and how styling your hair/makeup could change an outfit entirely. Especially in pictures.

Since my style changes every year and I learn more about proper styling for my own body, I’ve decided to add my own suggestions and give myself helpful criticism as if I was a client.

Look 1 – Casual with a hint of color. 

I still love this outfit to this day because it’s very comfortable yet still very modern and stylish.

My suggestions:

  • Either say no to the button down OR
  • Add a camisole underneath and open the top few buttons up. Button downs and larger chests don’t mix very well because the fabric around the chest area separates and creates a hole that doesn’t look very flattering.


Jacket – Pimpkie (Germany brand), Shirt – H&M, Scarf – Lands End, Pants – Joe’s JeansBoots – Enzo Angiolini. 

Look 2  – Formal casual 

This outfit is still probably one of my favorites. I loved the fact that my jacket went so well with my tank because of the olive snakeskin lining it had around it.

My suggestions:

  • Don’t forget the small details – ALWAYS take off your hair tie before you leave your house.
  • Don’t forget to steam or iron your clothes. This makes a HUGE difference!


Jacket – Walter, Top – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Clutch – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pants – Joe’s Jeans, Heels – Mossimo (Target Brand)

Look 3 – Beachy Attire 

I remember seeing this exact dress on a woman and I was forever blown away by the pattern. I was on a massive hunt for it but since I didn’t know the brand, I basically gave up. Then out of no where I saw someone selling it on Poshmark for only $15. It had found me!

 My Suggestions:

  • With it’s large patterns and flowy cut, this dress makes my curvy figure look even curvier. Wearing a belt would have cinched my waist making it look much more flattering.
  • Since my top half was very naked looking, a statement necklace or some nice earrings would have filled in that empty space.


Dress – J.Crew, Clutch – Coach, Sandals – Trouve

Look 4 – Formal 

The prints on the dress are amazing and when paired with my favorite Rihanna esque jacket, I feel like a different person. The color of this dress works PERFECT with olive colored skin complexions. It makes you look more tan.

My suggestions:

  • I think the dress could have been altered and taken in a bit shorter. Due to my height, any material that goes past my knees, makes me appear shorter. Even when you’re wearing heels, it’s always good to try to alter dresses for special events to ensure you look your best!
  • Since this was a very plain photo shoot to show off my style, I wasn’t too worried about my hair/makeup HOWEVER, if you’re dressing for any formal event, I would highly recommend ensuring that your hair and makeup are done to complete the look.


Dress – Marc Jacobs, Jacket – Express, Clutch – Coach, Heels – Mossimo (Target Brand) 

All pictures were taken by my friend and photographer, Sara Golemebiewski using a Nikon D100. You should check out her page HERE.

Editing & Styling by Christina Kennedy

As always, stay fashionable, lovelies!

xoxo ChristinaKennedyStyles

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