Closet Cleanse & Styling with my girl, Stacey!

Wow, has it been a loooong time since I’ve updated you all! So much craziness has been going on….

Instead of giving you all a two paragraph explanation of my absence, I’ll start this post off with the fun and exciting closet consultation I had with my first Groupon client!

PREFACE: I was so excited to get started that I totally forgot to take pictures of her actual closet during our consultation. (Even though I brought my camera to use it for our session.) There are photos documenting the before & after shots with her new and improved outfits towards the bottom of this post.

Back in November, Stacey contacted me asking for help with her wardrobe. She wanted to feel more put together and find more clothing options that would look better for her body type. She is a shorter gal and was looking to find pieces that complemented her body type without making her feel over-dressed.

Stacey’s Before Picture:


We split our closet consultation/shopping trip in two different sessions so we could focus on each task separately.

First and foremost before I start a closet clean out, I like to ask a few questions.

  • What item(s) have been sitting in your closet the longest that haven’t been utilized as much, or at all?
  • What are your favorite colors? Your ideal style direction?
  • What pieces would you like to add to your closet? (Sometimes, that’s a question a client would ask, however I like to ensure we’re both on the same page and have a good understanding of what we’re looking for when we shop together).
  • What is your ultimate goal you would like to reach by the end of this session.

While browsing in Stacey’s closet, I noticed she is a big fan of jeans.(Let’s be real – who isn’t?) I found some Bootcut and Flare jeans. Unfortunately neither of those are very flattering on us petite girls because they basically swallow your legs and make you appear much shorter. I suggested we go down the route of either Straight Leg or Skinny. They elongate your legs, making you appear much taller.

As I continued browsing her closet, I stumbled upon a few tops that seemed a bit too detailed and not structured enough to suit her body type appropriately. I suggested we utilize a few of her tops/blouses she already had to make complete outfits out of them along with purchasing a few more camis or undershirts to use for under cardigans or sweaters.

Before we finished Part 1 of our session we made a list of items that I thought we should incorporate in her closet.

  • Sweater dresses
  • Blouses
  • Blazers/Jackets
  • Straight Leg/Skinny Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Flats & Ankle/Riding Boots

For Part 2 of our session, we headed out to Target and Kohl’s to see if we could find everything on our list. Here are some of the outfits we came up with!

Look #1

Blazer & Jeans: Target


Look #2 

Boots: Target


Look #3

Sweater, Jeans & Boots: Target


Look #4

Sweater:  Target


Stacey and I had a lot of fun in our sessions together. From the closet clean-out, to the shopping trip, all the way to the outfit making, I think it was a positive experience for both of us and I’m so glad she reached out to me for help. And at the end of the day, that’s all it’s about; for me to be an assistance in women’s lives who need a little push in the right direction. Thank you, Stacey!

As always, stay fashionable, lovelies.




Oscar Awards: Female Best Dressed 2014

It’s that time again. The 86th Academy Awards!

Here are my favorite looks of the Oscar Awards from 1-4,#4 being the least favorite.

1.  Cate Blanchett in Armani


Contrary to other people’s opinions, (a few dissing her style claiming her dress was a downer and did nothing for her), there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe. As long as you’re elegant and classy, who’s to really judge? After all, Armani’s designs are usually pretty simple, yet still manage to impress. The shell and beading detail on the dress made Cate look quite captivating. Most flattering look of the night!

2. Anne Hathaway in Gucci


All I can say is…show stopper dress! No other way to put it. From the placement of the sequins to the backless design. This dress had her name written all over it. FAB!

3. Lady Gaga in Versace


Others may not have been very moved by Lady Gaga’s dress, but she has definitely come far from her meat dress days. As the queen of pop (in my book at least), she’s still able to pull off basically any look and still look gorgeous. This was one of the best looks I’ve seen on her so far in 2014. The scarf draped around her neck added a very unique touch and suited well with the gown.

4. Lupita Nyong’o in Prada


I’m sure some of you are wondering why I had Lupita at the bottom of the list. Let me start out by saying, the dress itself is absolutely stunning and almost mesmerizing. The headband definitely added a nice touch to complete the look. The baby blue color went perfect with her glowing skin. Lupita seems to always be able to pull off the brighter, more daring colors. If only the dress wasn’t so low cut on her neckline, this would have been my #1 top pick of the entire awards show. There is nothing wrong with showing a little bit of skin, however I don’t think the deep neckline flattered her midriff area.

Thank you all for reading!

As always, stay fashionable, lovelies.


My second time around the block, NYFW Take Two!

If you’ve been following along with my blog posts, you may have noticed the one from 2013 where I wrote about my fabulous experience I had in New York for Fashion Week.

Well, here’s post numero dos – New York Fashion Week 2014!

I knew coming into the city I wanted to see the shows (a few rows closer this time around), network, and utilize as much time as possible to put it  towards my styling business.

Originally I wanted to do a lot of exploring in the city, however I was given a sick internship opportunity that I could not pass up so I decided to pursue that. I also attended a few fashion shows.

My latest post elaborates more on the actual internship I worked on with a very talented creative director as well as a designer who makes sunglasses and attire for celebrities.

Check out my internship post HERE.

And now to the shows!!!

Even though my press credentials were not approved for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I still received approval from another venue –Launch NYC. 

Throughout the week I attended several shows and took as many pictures possible using my Canon Rebel T3 Camera.

Minnoji Fall/Winter 2014 Collection


 At only the age of 17, Designer, Milena Encheva started designing her own clothes. After moving to NYC and graduating FIT she gained experience working at design houses including Calvin Klein, Ali Ro, and Morado Blue, she finally opened up her own line in 2012 – Minnoji.

 This collection was one of my favorites. The combination of leather and wool brought a unique twist to the runway. I also really loved the exquisite detailing of the skirts. Her story and success was such a huge inspiration to me.

Check out Minnoji HERE.

Carrie Hammer Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

CarrieHammer We’re all very used to seeing the same types of models on runway shows. Some of us are almost brainwashed to think that only thin and tall people can walk the walk and wear the clothes at the same time. Designer, Carrie Hammer breaks that mold by designing clothing for all sizes at affordable prices. Her designs cater to the “underserved professional woman”.  

Her story and personal success was also very moving and inspirational to me.

Check out Carrie Hammer HERE.

My entire week for NYFW has been one HUGE experience for me that I have truly treasured since.

Stay tuned for more fashion fun…my next post will showcase Street Style photos!

Stay fashionable, lovelies


Stevie Boi “X2Sea” Internship!

This February, I took part in a fashion production internship with creative director, Yasmine Yasmine and designer Stevie Boi for New York Fashion Week 2014!

Stevie Boi is notoriously famous for designing sunglasses, jewelry and stage wear/attire for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Fergie and many more..


(Graphic Design by NajmDesigns, Picture from

My experience working for this show, even though it was very short was probably one of the most helpful and beneficial internships I have worked so far. My duties involved everything from sewing damaged clothing to seating arrangements to even creating the actual runway. (taping set paper to the floor)

After the show was complete and over, me and the other interns that helped with the production and show were even credited for their contributed work.

See my credited work HERE.

Take a look at the pictures of the show HERE.

Originally, the venue where the show was being held was a showroom so watching the transition from showroom to runway was pretty awesome. It really goes to say that you can do anything you want with a space as long there’s an open mind and imagination.

I am so happy and grateful for this internship and I will definitely be using the experience and knowledge i’ve acquired to help get closer to my future dreams.

As always, stay fashionable lovelies


Styling 101 with ChristinaKennedyStyles

Some of you may have noticed that I have yet to put any pictures of my personal style up on the blog. Originally, I wanted to stay away from making it about my style but then I realized it would be nice to showcase my style and my inspirations behind my outfits. (So the heck with my original plan; 2014 is a new year!)

Note: These pics were taken a few years ago before I even had this blog up or even realized I wanted to be a personal stylist. I still knew how to put pieces together but I didn’t know enough about accessorizing and how styling your hair/makeup could change an outfit entirely. Especially in pictures.

Since my style changes every year and I learn more about proper styling for my own body, I’ve decided to add my own suggestions and give myself helpful criticism as if I was a client.

Look 1 – Casual with a hint of color. 

I still love this outfit to this day because it’s very comfortable yet still very modern and stylish.

My suggestions:

  • Either say no to the button down OR
  • Add a camisole underneath and open the top few buttons up. Button downs and larger chests don’t mix very well because the fabric around the chest area separates and creates a hole that doesn’t look very flattering.


Jacket – Pimpkie (Germany brand), Shirt – H&M, Scarf – Lands End, Pants – Joe’s JeansBoots – Enzo Angiolini. 

Look 2  – Formal casual 

This outfit is still probably one of my favorites. I loved the fact that my jacket went so well with my tank because of the olive snakeskin lining it had around it.

My suggestions:

  • Don’t forget the small details – ALWAYS take off your hair tie before you leave your house.
  • Don’t forget to steam or iron your clothes. This makes a HUGE difference!


Jacket – Walter, Top – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Clutch – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pants – Joe’s Jeans, Heels – Mossimo (Target Brand)

Look 3 – Beachy Attire 

I remember seeing this exact dress on a woman and I was forever blown away by the pattern. I was on a massive hunt for it but since I didn’t know the brand, I basically gave up. Then out of no where I saw someone selling it on Poshmark for only $15. It had found me!

 My Suggestions:

  • With it’s large patterns and flowy cut, this dress makes my curvy figure look even curvier. Wearing a belt would have cinched my waist making it look much more flattering.
  • Since my top half was very naked looking, a statement necklace or some nice earrings would have filled in that empty space.


Dress – J.Crew, Clutch – Coach, Sandals – Trouve

Look 4 – Formal 

The prints on the dress are amazing and when paired with my favorite Rihanna esque jacket, I feel like a different person. The color of this dress works PERFECT with olive colored skin complexions. It makes you look more tan.

My suggestions:

  • I think the dress could have been altered and taken in a bit shorter. Due to my height, any material that goes past my knees, makes me appear shorter. Even when you’re wearing heels, it’s always good to try to alter dresses for special events to ensure you look your best!
  • Since this was a very plain photo shoot to show off my style, I wasn’t too worried about my hair/makeup HOWEVER, if you’re dressing for any formal event, I would highly recommend ensuring that your hair and makeup are done to complete the look.


Dress – Marc Jacobs, Jacket – Express, Clutch – Coach, Heels – Mossimo (Target Brand) 

All pictures were taken by my friend and photographer, Sara Golemebiewski using a Nikon D100. You should check out her page HERE.

Editing & Styling by Christina Kennedy

As always, stay fashionable, lovelies!

xoxo ChristinaKennedyStyles

Covet Yourself!

Attention all Fashionistas & Stylish Friends!

 There’s a new Fashion App currently sweeping the Iphone world!



A stylish game where you can create your own outfits and have others vote and rate them.

Why is Covet Fashion so awesome?

  • A perfect outlet to showcase your personal style, while competing with friends and other fashion savvy users.
  • Gives you an opportunity to buy any item that is featured on their app.
  • Alerts you of any sales or promotions designers may be having so you’ll always be in the knows of the latest deals.
  • Continues to add new designers, giving you a sneak peek of merchandise available for purchase towards your virtual closet.
  • Downloading the app is free and Iphone friendly!

How do you play?

The first step after downloading the app is to start purchasing items towards your closet. This builds up closet value. Try to pick your items wisely since you’ll  initially be only given a set amount of money towards building your wardrobe. Once, you’ve entered yourself in events and earn some money, then you can be more picky on your closet purchases.

Next, ensure you have enough tickets acquired so that you may enter yourself into these events. Getting tickets is simple and actually pretty fun since you’re able to vote on outfits that others have posted to the events and page.

After you’ve maxed out on tickets, see what events are available to you. Some will only allow you to enter if you have a certain amount of closet value, or if you meet certain clothing requirements. For example, some require you to wear a jacket with your outfit. Others tell you to include a certain color. This sometimes makes it a bit more of a challenge but it also helps you to be more creative with the options that you have.

 Continue to vote on other looks, enter yourself into events, and build your wardrobe!

Also, don’t forget to have fun with this. Never compare yourself to other users as everyone one has their own unique style.

 Downloading the app is easy. Go to your App store and search for Covet Fashion

(App is currently only available for download for Iphones and Ipads)

 I would love to hear feedback on what you think about Covet. Please leave them below.

As always, stay fashionable lovelies!

New York Fashion Week Frenzy!

Ah, New York City! One of the best cities to ever have the pleasure of experiencing and visiting. As a former Manhattan resident, my love for this city shines farther than ever before.

This past September, I assisted stylist Ariella Faith for the Nikki Poulos Fashion Show for Greek American Fashion Week. Designer Nikki is the winner of NBC Fashion Star from Season One. This was my first time working at a fashion show, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I was helping out around one of the most monumental times of the year, New York Fashion Week.


For the show, I was able to help out with a numerous amount of things. From casting calls to helping prep for the show (i.e, tape up shoes, sewing up buttons on pant legs, to assisting models- the entire experience was absolutely mesmerizing. I was literally behind the scenes of a fashion show. And it wouldn’t be a real fashion show without chaos, commotion and rush. There were at LEAST 20+ models. Most of which were being shared by other designers. Meaning, once one show was over, models had to run back into the room struggling to get off their outfits, shoes, jewelry,etc and get ready for the next designers looks.

Guests chairs lined up each with goodie bags.



During my time in New York, I was also able to attend my very first fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Since I wasn’t formally invited, I had to wait in line until the show started to be granted a standing seat. Even though I was in the far back row, I was still able to capture the entire show and all the amazing aspects of a runway. I had become sort of emotional, and I quote, “It literally took my breath away – this has been one of my biggest dreams to be in a presence of a runway show, and now i’m finally here, witnessing it all”.

Watch the mini clip of me capturing the show here

Even though I was not able to see more shows, I am currently working on a plan to attend NYFW in February for the Spring Previews. I intend to see as many shows as I can and capture every moment of it until my phone battery dies (LOL).

Until then, stay fashionable lovelies.